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Cold Spring Researcher Annette Logan began compiling this index in 2013, in an effort to make a comprehensive list of all the people who visited the Cold Spring Hotel and Summer Resort site from 1850 through the end of the year 1900 (the year the hotels burned). Little information can be found about those who visited prior to 1850; however, if available, it will be included. Information contained in the index is taken from the research of Annette and Jim C. Logan and Brandy M. Watts Martin and items shared with us. There may be some inaccuracies to the listing as most of the visitors' names were found in local newspapers, and there is no way to verify this information since the hotel registers are not known to exist (possibly destroyed in the fire that burned the hotels). The index is updated regularly, so please check back for new names. Update notices will be posted on our Twitter, Facebook, and Blog sites.

How to utilize the Genealogical Information Column: The Genealogical Information column is designed to be used by family researchers to help verify that the Cold Spring visitor is their relative, and contains: (1) Birth and death dates. When an approximate date is given "c." (circa) will appear in front of the date. When known the state or country of birth and death are also included. Standard state abbrevations are used, along with the following country codes: ENG (England) and GER (Germany). (2) Names of close relatives of the visitors, usually parents and spouses. Marriage dates are sometimes provided if they are within five years of the date they visited Cold Spring, or if they married another individual who visited Cold Spring. (3) Where the hotel guests were living around the time they visited Cold Spring. Their residence is within ten years of their date of visit. Their residence according to the newspaper is listed in the "From" column. (4) Their likely occupation when they visited Cold Spring. Again the occupation is within ten years of the date of their visit. Please Note: This is a work in progress and will be updated as information is found.

If you may be related to any of these people, know any additional information about anyone on the list, have photographs of them, or have other photographs or information about Cold Spring, please email Annette Logan with the subject "Cold Spring Visitors."

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